Accredited Unit: Provide Specialised Facial Treatments

Accredited Unit: Provide Specialised Facial Treatments - Sechi Academy

Accredited Unit: Provide Specialised Facial Treatments

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SHBBFAS006 Provide Specialised Facial Treatments



This course is ideal for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and services within the beauty and spa industries. In this unit you will gain the skills and knowledge required to provide specialised facial treatments incorporating the use of ultrasonic, direct current, high frequency and micro current devices. You will gain the ability to establish priorities with clients and synthesise knowledge of skin, performance of electrical machines and allied cosmetic products, and to design and provide treatments to address specific skin types and conditions.


Dates: Wednesday 8th May - Thursday 13th June 2024

Duration and Time: 17 days (Tuesday - Thursday 9:15 AM - 3:45 PM)


What is the total cost of my qualification?



Government Funded


Concession Funded



Equipment required:

- All equipment and products are provided by Sechi Hair Academy


Additional Information:

- Models will be required on allocated assessment dates

- It is recommended that SHBBFAS002 Provide Facial Treatments And Skin Care Recommendations is completed prior to this unit

- Statement of Attainment will be provided on successful completion of units of competency



TOID 41320. All Nationally Accredited Training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government Funding. Government Funded Training Places are available to all applicants that meet the eligibility criteria. Please consult with Sechi Hair Academy to discuss your eligibility.